This is a logo I made in my Intro to Graphic Design class for a sushi restaurant. We were given a couple categories and told to pick two. The two I picked were plant and restaurant. I used a play on words with “succulent” because it is a plant, and also an adjective to describe … More Logo

Shape Project

This project was created in my Intro to Graphic Design class. We were told to only use 15 black and white shapes to create an image using the graphic design elements. I used focal point, rule of thirds, and visual hierarchy.    

Crayola Advertisement

For our Visual Communications class the final project was to create an advertisement for Crayola about their new water color pencils. We were instructed to watch how long it took us to create this for future employment reasons. We should take between 1-2 hours as professional graphic designers, depending on the project we take on. … More Crayola Advertisement

Final Portfolio

This is a slide show presentation of all my projects I have completed this semester. It is a great way to virtually show off all my work, in one place. Slideshare is a great program to share slides through the internet. I put all my projects onto some slides in Microsoft Office Power Point and … More Final Portfolio

12A Magazine

My first part of this project was to draw a sketch of how I wanted my spread to look. Then in Adobe Indesign we were instructed to create a shape map, where we make our layout digitally and use filler text and blank images to get our ideas on screen. Then we finally made the … More 12A Magazine

11A Webpage Design

  Process: I wanted to make a cute website for a tourist site called Arizona Beauty. I made my sketch for my general layout and where I wanted to put each detail of my design. It is targeted towards tourists and hikers.So my audience would be anyone looking for things to do in Arizona. I … More 11A Webpage Design

10A Movie Poster

Audience: I targeted this poster towards males who are into explosions and action. The font I used is a bulky font that is actually used in a movie called Dead Pool that recently came out, targeted towards men for violence and action. The colors of it are dark and very action based. I wanted people … More 10A Movie Poster