This is a video of me explaining my favorite project from my communication class this semester. I also explain how I put it together and what I learned from the assignment. It was a great semester!

Vans Advertisement

Intro: For this project I was instructed to find an ad, and create another one that would fit the same styles to be in the same ad campaign. I found a vintage vans poster advertisement and created a new one with the same techniques. Images from: Target Audience: I am targeting younger people with a creative … More Vans Advertisement

Creative ad

Intro: This project we were assigned to combined two pictures to create Symbolic visual communication. I was assigned tooth paste as a product. I was told to create a half page magazine ad targeting women age 18-35. I used to find the images I needed. Logo link: Here are the links for the two … More Creative ad

Cosmetology Icons

INTRO: This project was to create a set of icons that flow together and make sense. An icon is something that you can shrink down to a very small size, but because of its simplicity, still be able to understand what it is or what it represents. I chose to focus on cosmetology related items. … More Cosmetology Icons

Magazine Spread

Intro This is my magazine project! I like the way it turned out with the cool toned colors I used. I worked this through Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop a little bit. The magazine is intended for all audiences, but specifically LDS readers from the ages of 12-100. It is to make the reader feel … More Magazine Spread

Typography reverse engineering

  I found an ad for a shoe that used good typography. I found it on google images. Here is a link   It is a shoe made by sketchers and sold by famous foot wear. I like how they used larger titles for what you need to see. They used good colors that … More Typography reverse engineering